Oral Health Facts

Five Facts About Your Child’s Teeth


  1. Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or dental cavities, is the most common childhood disease affecting more than half of Canadian children.
  2. Untreated dental cavities can lead to a localized and generalized infection causing a child to miss school and fall behind in his studies or, in extreme cases, hospitalization. 
  3. Prolonged thumb sucking, past the age of four years old, can lead to crowded, crooked teeth or even bite problems.
  1. A white spot on a baby tooth can be an early indicator of a cavity. A cavity left untreated can advance rapidly, even into the nerve. Be particularly wary of cavities located on the back of a tooth, which tend to advance more rapidly than cavities located in the front of a tooth.
  2. Cheese is a healthy snack for children. It clears the mouth of debris and protects teeth from acids that can lead to cavities. To help prevent cavities, include cheese as part of your child’s snack or after a meal, avoid breastfeeding or bottle feeding through the night and avoid or limit the consumption of sticky foods, such as dried fruits, cereals and acidic juices.
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